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June 25, 2004 - Judy & Bobby's house Staten Island, NY

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Smile Judy!

Kristen & Michelle

Pretty in Pink


Before the dress

Smile Ladies

Mother & Bride


"My dress is nicer than the brides!"

Godmother & Godson

Bro & Sis

The finishing touches...

Father & soon to be son

Step-Bro & soon to be Step-Sis-in-law (say that 5 times fast)

Pretty Bride

Two beautiful mothers

Hey Michelle! Catch you at a bad time?

Just before the ceremony

Coming down the stairs


Lookin good

SUPER warm!!!

The procession...

Chris & Ali cha-cha

Bride, Groom & Minister

On the porch

All glamor


Are my shoes untied?

Grammy & Grandson

You two again???

The "new" immediate family

The new "steps"

Mom, Sis & I

Mom & all

Together :)

Lookin good

Smile :-D

Ain't that cute?

At the altar


Our "side"

All smiles

Who pinched my butt?

Part II

You lookin at me???

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